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    Quantifying Kissinger

    by  • February 5, 2020 • 2019-2020 Provost Digital Innovation Grant Winners, Digital GC, Provost's Digital Innovation Grants, Uncategorized

    Project Name: Quantifying Kissinger

    Grantee: Micki Kaufman

    Discipline: History

    Funding Cycle: 2019-2020

    Project Status: In progress

    White Paper:


    About the Project:


    Since the project’s inception, ‘Quantifying Kissinger’ has explored the use of data, text and network analysis and visualization techniques to analyze and interpret ‘big data’ correspondence, specifically that of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The project has received significant recognition and support from the ‘DH’ subfields (Digital Humanities, Digital History and Digital Diplomatic History) and as a result is nearing its completion as a doctoral dissertation and intends to continue to contribute in many ways to the use of visualization and computation in diplomatic history, as well as digital humanities practice. Most uniquely and most currently, the project is exploring the use of multidimensional data visualization in virtual reality to facilitate archival inquiry, collaboration, exploration and interpretation. At a recent conference presentation October 12 at the Digital Hermeneutics seminar at the German Historical Institute, notable DH practitioners and professors Mills Kelly and William Thomas characterized the project’s contribution to the field via Twitter: In addition, DH scholar Alan Liu described the progress of the project since the last time he saw it presented (2015). This impact, and the potential reach of the work once completed, would not have been possible without the continued support of the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant, a direct result of the support for Digital Humanities and Digital History at the CUNY Graduate Center.