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    Predicting Place Attachment with Social Media Posts: An Exploratory Study

    by  • February 5, 2020 • 2019-2020 Provost Digital Innovation Grant Winners, Digital GC, Provost's Digital Innovation Grants, Uncategorized

    Project Name: Predicting Place Attachment with Social Media Posts: An Exploratory Study

    Grantee: Javier E. Otero Peña

    Discipline: Environmental Psychology

    Funding Cycle: 2019-2020

    Project Status: In progress

    White Paper:

    About the Project:

    This digital innovative Start-up proposal seeks to shed light in the field of environmental psychology, by studying the potential correlation between place attachment as measured in a survey of the CUNY SPH PARCS Study, and a sentiment analysis of geotagged tweets. The importance of this research project relies on the fact that, if sentiment-analyzed tweets made in or near parks are found to be a reliable predictor of place attachment, time-consuming and lengthy research methods could be replaced by this fast and resource-efficient method that relies on publicly accessible data. The Start-up grant would fund the careful design and implementation of the required programming, data collection, cleaning, analysis, testing and visualization.