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    Visualizing Epistemology

    by  • February 6, 2019 • 2018-2019 Provost Digital Innovation Grant Winners, Provost's Digital Innovation Grants, Uncategorized

    Project Name: Visualizing Epistemology

    Grantee: David Giuseppe Colosanto and Julian Gonzalez De Leon Heiblum

    Discipline: History

    Funding Cycle: 2018-2019

    Project Status:

    White Paper: White_paper_visualizing_epistemology


    About the Project:


    This project aims at creating an interactive digital platform that fosters the discovery, comprehension, and comparison of some among the most influential 20th century theories of knowledge through spacial representation and data visualization. We have selected the Western epistemological concepts of Paradigm, Episteme, and Space of Meaning, respectively developed by Thomas Kuhn, Michel Foucault, and Reinhart Koselleck. Visualizing Epistemology has both pedagogical outcomes and research potentials. First, it will become a tool for epistemology and history of science students to understand these theories thanks to unprecedented learning strategies. Second, it offers a new methodological framework that allows the researcher to combine, juxtapose, and complement the three theories. The final outcome thus provides a more comprehensive theory of Western knowledge and a new periodization of the historical period analyzed by the authors.