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    Recalibrating Queens

    by  • February 5, 2020 • 2019-2020 Provost Digital Innovation Grant Winners, Digital GC, Provost's Digital Innovation Grants

    Project Name: Recalibrating Queens

    Grantee: Kristen Hackett


    Funding Cycle: 2019-2020

    Project Status: In progress

    White Paper:


    About the Project:


    Recalibrating Queens is a digital history and activist scholarship project focused on publicly excavating and exploring the past century of development and change in western Queens. This inquiry is particularly timely given recent and rapid changes, intensifying development pressures, and swelling community organizing, and aims to provide another counterpoint for understanding contestations in the region today. It accompanies dissertation research that is a feminist, activist ethnography that centers residents and their experiences, perspectives, and alternative spatial imaginaries in articulating an understanding of these development dynamics. The project’s centerpiece will be an interactive, web-based map that draws on statistical and archival data and research, allowing myself and others to independently and collectively explore changes and development decisions over time. The interface for this map is part of a larger commitment of this project – to transparency of process and to making data sources and data files publicly available and useable. The audience here is at least two-fold. First, other activists, neighbors, researchers, and community and advocacy groups may find this information useful in educating, organizing and advocating. Second, the transparency of process may be of interest to other scholars and researchers, and especially graduate students, who may be curious but unsure of why and how to incorporate digital tools and methods into their research, scholarly, educational, or activist work.