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    Language Pedagogy @ CUNY, Continued

    by  • February 4, 2020 • 2019-2020 Provost Digital Innovation Grant Winners, Digital GC, Provost's Digital Innovation Grants, Uncategorized

    Project Name: Language Pedagogy @ CUNY, Continued

    Grantee: Angélique Aristondo

    Discipline: French

    Funding Cycle: 2019-2020

    Project Status:

    White Paper:


    About the Project:

    This collaborative project builds upon the CUNY Commons teaching resources website dedicated to Foreign Language Teaching at CUNY, https://languages.commons.gc.cuny.edu. Our goal in creating the site was and still is to share original, successful teaching practices with the whole community of foreign language instructors. This year, we’d like to open up the website for contributions from the CUNY community. This new direction of the website emphasizes the creation of a pedagogical community, both digital and in-person through a planned roundtable event. With help from the implementation grant, Language Pedagogy @CUNY is set to provide a much-needed space for all language instructors, especially graduate student instructors, to share their most innovative approaches to teaching. We intend to publish contributions that respond to the current standards of language instruction in higher education. To this end, we have drafted a call for contributions (page 11 of this application) inviting submission of articles featuring research-based, content-based activities, and pedagogical practices that show a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Contributions will be published after a collegial and engaging process of open peer review that will take place online and during the spring roundtable. Lastly, we are going to continue improving the design and navigation of the website and we are also set to expand the editorial team of Language Pedagogy @CUNY to ensure that the resource will keep on growing and serving the needs and interests of all language instructors across CUNY.