• 2019-2020 Provost Digital Innovation Grant Winners Announced

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    We are happy to announce our newest Provost Digital Innovation Grant winners for the 2019-2020 academic year!

    The Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants support digital projects designed, created, programmed, or administered by doctoral students at the CUNY Graduate Center. Since 2012, the grants have supported a range of inventive projects across the disciplines: an online, open-access, crowd-sourced database of scholarly relationships within writing studies; an application to support street medics and promote health and safety among activist communities; and a first effort at “Diplonomics,” a computational analysis that applies big data techniques to the study of diplomatic history.

    As part of the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant process, students propose research projects, receive informed feedback from a panel of reviewers, publicize their work on the GCDI website, share their work during the GC Digital Showcase in May; and author a white paper about their work.

    Implementation & Start Up Grants

    Angélique Aristondo, “Language Pedagogy @ CUNY, Continued”

    Carly Batist, “Acoustic Monitoring with Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs”

    Kelsey Chatlosh, “Sounds of Fieldwork: A Researcher’s Perspective on Afro-Chilean Movement Work as Social Reproduction”

    Nicole Cote, “Vis Depot: A Repository of Tools, Concepts, and Tutorials for Introductory Visualization”

    Julia Fuller, “Visualizing the Victorian Sportswoman”

    Kristen Hackett, “Recalibrating Queens”

    Paul Hebert, “CUNY Student Editions”

    Micki Kaufman, “Quantifying Kissinger”

    Ashley Marinaccio, “Stage Left”

    Pedro Miguel Monque Lopez, “A Teaching Manual That’s Alive: Making the Cuerpos, Identidades y Discriminación Workshop Available to Social Justice Educators Across Latin America”

    Michael Mena, “The Social Life of Language”

    Javier E. Otero Peña, “Predicting Place Attachment with Social Media Posts: An Exploratory Study”

    Sally Sharif, “Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Programs, 1980-2018 (DDR-18)”

    Nga Than, “Alternative Discourses: The Alt-Right and Social Media”


    Training Grants

    Sandra Moyano Ariza, Expanding Knowledge of Python for Web-Scraping Tinder

    Colin Pitet, “Blockchain Essentials: An Introduction to Blockchain” and “Blockchain Developer Online Bootcamp”

    Joseph Torres-Gonzàlez, “Summer Methodology Workshop — Organizing and Analyzing Qualitative Data with NVivo 12”

    Farah Zahra, Archival Continuing Education Program


    Congratulations to this year’s winners! Abstracts and information about each project will be posted to this site soon.